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Modern Pretty Landscape oil painting TK095

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10"x 16"  

16"x 26"

20"x 32"

24"x 38"

30"x 48"

 Media: Oil on Canvas

 Quality: Excellent

 State: un-stretched and shipped in a tube, Or with a inbuilt wooden frame same as the picture.


 Thomas Kinkade Oil Painting



  Shipping And Handling



After you pay the payment , we will send you an e-mail to confirm your order including:item(s), shipping address, your TEL NO for faster shipment. Please reply us in time.  We will process your order and ship within 10 days by Epack or air mail. Usually it takes about 7-12 business days to US address, and about 15 days to other countries' address, except the Spain, Germany which maybe cost 20 days. please contact us if you still not receive your package after we ship it out 15 days, but we encourage you to contact with the local post office for detail first. 




The blows are some views for the handling:




Stretched painting and packing

  Stretched painting and packing


Un-stretched and no frame, shipped in a tube!

stretched frame


 Stretched painting and packing


Stretched and with frame, shipped in a carton!



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